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Nordhorn Lingener Straße. Lingener Straße , Nordhorn. Heute - Freitag​, Juni. - Als meine Filiale markieren. Filialen in der Nähe. Axe Duschgel. ml · Finden Sie noch mehr Produkte in unseren Filialen». Immer über aktuelle Angebote und Aktionen informiert! Registrieren! Über Action. Action Angebote in Nordhorn ᐅ Online im aktuellen Action Prospekt ✓ blättern und weitere Sonderposten in Nordhorn finden. Jetzt Angebote aus den Bereichen. Action Nordhorn - Details dieser Filliale. Lingener Straße 97, Nordhorn. 2,​6 km. Der Action Filialfinder von Marktjagd für Nordhorn: Alle Adressen, Kontaktinformationen und Öffnungszeiten in der Standort-Übersicht. Weiterführende Links zu.

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Action Prospekt und Angebote für Nordhorn: Auf MeinProspekt findest Du alle aktuellen Angebote und Prospekte von Action in Nordhorn. Zum Bereich „Action und Fun“ zählen auf maps4fun die Kategorien 3D- Bogenschießen, Bowling, Casinos, Freizeitparks, Hallenspielplätze, Hochseilgärten. Action. Shopping & Retail in Nordhorn, Germany. Closed Now. CommunitySee All. Highlights info row image. 91 people like this. Highlights info row image.

In the s, Nordhorn was incorporated into a network of man-made waterways. The Nordhorn-Almelo Canal saw to it that the town was also connected to Dutch inland waterways, and the North-South Canal spurred the peat trade.

Even if today all these canals have no further use for shipping, they can still be prized for their worth as sources of leisure. The Bentheim Railway brought a rail connection to the international network in Roughly 1, people were working in the various textile companies in these years.

The Great Depression in the s led many jobseekers from all over Germany to Nordhorn. By , the population had reached 23,, and it is worth noting that just under a third of those people had actually been born in town.

Even the Third Reich left its mark on Nordhorn. The small Jewish community was annihilated. The old Flemish Trade Road was used by German troops, who on 10 May marched into the Netherlands, as a military road.

Some of the townsfolk lived through this time with very mixed feelings — were they not, they thought, bound to their Dutch neighbours by friendship and blood?

Adolf Pazdera and Ferdinand Kobitzki, Nordhorn KPD functionaries and trade union secretaries, were persecuted many times and in and respectively, they were murdered in concentration camps.

After the Second World War ended, nearly ten thousand people from Germany's lost eastern territories poured into Nordhorn, where they found a new home, soon bringing the town's population to more than 40, There arose a new community within the town housing 13, inhabitants, called die Blanke.

Non-commercial housing building companies and private initiatives made Nordhorn into "the town of the privately owned home".

The enormous building accomplishments called for the municipal administration to be expanded and modernized. Thus, Nordhorn built itself a new town hall, and buildings for district administration, the employment office and the Amt court arose on the town's ring road.

The court now stands on Seilerbahn. Northwest Germany's first indoor swimming pool after could be dedicated, new schools, sport halls and fields, the concert and theatre hall and the town park led to the townscape's revival.

When the first church was built in Nordhorn is unknown. The story goes, however, that it stood at the guildfield and was named after Saint Ludger.

Ludger was one of the first Christian missionaries in the area, and in he became the first Bishop of Münster. In he died near Billerbeck.

In the municipal area's northwest, a monastery of Augustinian Canons Chorherrenstift was founded in Frenswegen, earlier known as Marienwolde, in Its church, consecrated in , was destroyed in by a lightning strike.

The monastery was of great importance to Nordhorn and to places far beyond. Bit by bit the monastery building arose, and in the early 15th century, so did a church.

Also in Nordhorn, a bigger church was needed. On 6 July , both churches were consecrated by an auxiliary bishop from Münster.

The new Nordhorn church's patron was once again Saint Ludger. The three-naved Late Gothic market church was built out of Bentheim sandstone and with its m-high steeple, it dominated the town's skyline.

After the Reformation , Count Arnold I — and along with him almost the whole county — adopted the Lutheran faith in Thereafter, the church at the market belonged to the Reformed parish.

Count Arnold II, however, had come into contact with Calvin 's teachings while studying in Strasbourg. A further link to the faith came with his marriage to Countess Magdalena of Neuenahr , who confessed the Reformed faith.

The few Catholics left in Nordhorn had to go to services at the Frenswegen Monastery. In the manor house they established, among other things, a chapel.

Now the Catholics once more had a room for their services, albeit a small one. In a small church was built next to the castle.

The Augustinian Canons chose — alongside Saint Ludger, their order's patron saint — Saint Augustine of Hippo as the church's first patron.

At the time of Secularization by the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss , the monastery at Frenswegen was abolished. The year was an important one for the Augustinian community: the county, which for centuries had belonged to either the Bishopric of Utrecht or the Bishopric of Münster , was assigned to the Diocese of Osnabrück , while the community itself was raised to parish.

The first minister was the Augustinian Canon Johann B. Cordes, who had been overseeing the community since In , the castle was converted into a church.

In the late 19th century, the community grew very quickly; so plans were made to build a new, big church on the castle square on the Vechte.

The castle was torn down. The church's footprint is octagonal. From to , the building work was finished and the church's consecration was celebrated.

The steeple was built together with the church. To offset any influence that the tower might have on the impression that the dome was meant to give, the tower stands somewhat to the side.

A two-story arcade joins the steeple to the church. The church's dome — a peculiarity in northern Germany — shapes Nordhorn's skyline.

Over the massive iron - concrete dome arches a wooden, copper -covered outer dome, crowned with a lantern. Nordhorn's Lutheran Christians were first served from Lingen , and then from Bentheim.

Once they had established their own parish, the Kreuzkirche "Cross Church" was built in and There are three Lutheran churches.

All together, there are twelve Houses of God available in Nordhorn, seven of which have been built since the Second World War. Nordhorn's synagogue was destroyed on Kristallnacht 9 November The town's Jews either emigrated or were deported and murdered, an event now marked by a memorial.

Nordhorn has 53, inhabitants as of 31 December in an area of Evangelical-Reformed Christians account for Another Within, one can inform oneself about Nordhorn's history.

Nordhorn has mostly kept itself from being spoilt by the few individual building styles of the postwar years. The town's appearance has kept the appealing red brickwork that has long been a tradition in northern Germany and in the neighbouring Netherlands.

It is even seen in modern buildings. The new district building, for instance, combines the local building materials of brick and sandstone with glass, concrete and copper.

A fine example of restored architecture formerly overgrown by plant life is the Frenswegen Monastery from the 14th century in the town's northwest.

A lightning strike in destroyed the church consecrated in The monastery buildings, however, were mostly preserved, even the square, two-floored cloister , the little wellhouse, the bridge over the moat and the impressive cellar vaulting.

After cautious renovations, the building now houses an ecumenical educational and meeting place whose origin and basis the unusually broad mix of faiths in Nordhorn and its environs is.

Among examples of Romanesque sculpture is this church's baptismal font, which is Nordhorn's oldest artwork, made out of Bentheim sandstone, and still holds its original importance today.

At present, two buildings characterize Nordhorn's skyline. The Alte Kirche on the marketplace, built out of Bentheim sandstone in the 15th century and the Augustinuskirche , built in on the former castle's lands, can both be seen from afar.

The inner town, today as in days of yore an island around which flows the Vechte, is now a pedestrian precinct.

The oldest building on the main street is the former mayor and chemical manufacturer Firnhaber's house, in which he both lived and worked.

When walking about town, one finds little oases untouched by hectic daily life. In big, parklike gardens, behind old trees and tall rhododendron hedges, stately manor houses may be discovered.

A walk through Nordhorn will in many places also still bring to light signs of the recent and more distant past, be it the town hall completed in with its little belltower or the old well at the park at the Völlinkhoff.

Memories of a time when the heavy blocks of sandstone used in the oil mill's edgerunner still fulfilled their original function are brought forth at the town park.

When the grist mill and sawmill on the milldam were shut down, an almost year history of milling came to an end in Nordhorn.

These buildings were renovated and now offer an appealing venue for cultural events. Nordhorn's industrial history was written by, among others, the Povel textile plant, which shut its gates in after nearly a hundred years of production.

As a last witness to the town's economic heyday early in the last century, the former spinning works tower has been maintained as an industrial memorial.

It serves today as a museum. The upper floor can be hired for private celebrations. In the Bussmaate, a former boggy area, another textile plant with an adjoining residential area for textile workers was built a hundred years ago.

In the early s, Professor Emanuel Lindner, lecturer at Bauhaus and student of Mies van der Rohe , together with architect Eberhard Heinrich Zeidler, who now lives in Canada, designed expansion building works for this business.

This building today stands empty and is to be converted for urban development. The Vechte's riverine landscape and the canals with their rows of trees are a popular place for a walk, and to enjoy the idyll.

The canals, built more than years ago for transport and draining the moorlands, now form part of a faunal habitat with many species and are now used for leisure and recreation.

Sluices made out of sandstone and clinker, some still worked by hand, separate different water levels and are popular destinations for nature lovers.

Fields and meadows frame farmlands on the town's outskirts. Wetlands and heathlands with birches, junipers and orchids growing wild are marks of this rustic landscape.

In the Tillenberge a small protected area with heather, gnarled oaks and junipers. A fine legacy from the Gründerzeit is the Town Park Stadtpark , a villa park of one of the earliest manufacturers.

At the concert bowl in the Town Park, concerts regularly take place. The name comes from the Euregio. The HSG team plays in the first handball Bundesliga.

The Euregium is also used for other cultural events. It lies right near the vocational school and the district sport hall.

The Euregium has for a few years now been the venue for the Grafschafter Sportgala. The Eissporthalle — "Ice Sport Hall" — has wed ice hockey and figure skating into one ice sport club.

It was built in the mids. In , the band BAP gave a concert there. The ice sport club in Nordhorn changed its name several times.

Until there was the GEC Nordhorn, which, among other things, played in the hockey Bundesliga, in what was then the second highest class.

Thereafter the club called itself EC Euregio Nordhorn e. In , the Eissporthalle was renovated from the ground up.

It is also open to the public for skating. Yearly, over Whitsun weekend, a great table tennis tournament, the Euregioturnier is held.

At the outdoor swimming pool there is also an international swimming tournament at Whitsun. In they held their 25th yearly tournament.

The teams that take part come from all over Germany as well as from other European countries such as the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary.

The football team Heseper SV, whose home field is in Nordhorn's south end, is a German record holder. Between and October , the team managed to play a streak of 98 championship matches without being beaten, managing at the same time to rise from the fifth to the second district class.

TSV Buchbach had held the old record with an unbeaten streak of only 75 matches. Industrialization brought about a rise in population from 2, in to 18, in , rising to 50, in the textile industry's heyday from the s to s.

Once Nordhorn's biggest textile firms with up to 6, employees, NINO was until the s one of Europe's leading textile producers.

This stands out not least of all in coöperative efforts with renowned fashion photographers like Karl Lagerfeld and Helmut Newton. Since the textile industry waned, mostly midsize businesses from various service and production areas have settled in town, albeit without quite managing to offset job losses due to the textile industry's virtual death.

Even though Citibank's temporary presence, with jobs, eventually folded — despite massive local subsidies — the location is still quite attractive for service businesses.

This can be seen in the latest firm to locate in town, Bertelsmann, which will soon have jobs. Taken together, however, the shift in structure to the tertiary sector in and around Nordhorn, unlike in other regions, is very far advanced.

The greater Nordhorn area is well off when compared with the country as a whole, with the Nordhorn employment agency area Agenturbezirk reporting the lowest jobless rate in Lower Saxony.

The neighbouring region of Rheine in North Rhine-Westphalia, too, is experiencing a peak in employment. This is further substantiated in the land use planning report from the Federal Office for the Building Industry and Land Use Planning Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung in which is discussed a forecast, based on current indicators, that sees in northwestern North Rhine-Westphalia and in Nordhorn and its environs an area with great economic dynamism in the coming years.

What should be highlit is the great number of food markets in Nordhorn, with Nordhorn having roughly twice the sales area proportionally by population as the national average.

Because of the often misguided evictions, however, of newer locations outside the integrated sites, there are many empty premises in the inner town.

This project met with considerable opposition, mainly among local retailers and professionals.

The retailers feared that the glut of new premises would bring about further vacancies, especially in the southern inner town, while professionals criticized the consequences for urban development, the lack of cleanup operations and above all the demolition of factory buildings that were protected as monuments.

Under the slogan "Nordhorn - Die Wasserstadt" "Nordhorn — the Water Town" , the town fathers are now seeking to put the emphasis on new aspects of the town's development, bringing forth plans to open canals for pleasure boats and to further development by building a town harbour.

Whether these plans will indeed be implemented, and to what extent, remains to be seen in the coming years,. Also found at Nordhorn is the controversial bombing range, the Nordhorn Range.

The combined length of the road network in Nordhorn is However, Nordhorn's well developed road network cannot hide the fact that the most popular means of transport in town is what is locally known as the Fietse — the bicycle.

Signposts, known locally as Paddestolen , show cyclists the way on these Fietsenpads also a local term, the standard German word for them being Radwege.

The opening of Europe's borders is in full force here: cyclists can reach the neighbouring Netherlands unhindered through these pathways.

With its 53, inhabitants, Nordhorn is Germany's second largest town, after Herten , without passenger rail service. Approval for the other two canals continues.

The Klukkert-Hafen harbour was opened once again in The old weaving mill once belonged to the Povel factory. Nowadays, the old weaving mill is a cultural centre for exhibitions, tourism and concerts.

In the mill's building are found, alongside the county brewhouse, a musical pub for live acts and also Ems-Vechte-Welle , a regional radio station for Grafschaft Bentheim and the Emsland.

It was Germany's first youth centre and is therefore also its oldest. It was once a farm. At first, only the "threshing floor" was used, but in the s, the "barn" also came into use.

In the s, the barn was also the scene of the punk movement in Nordhorn. Early in , the barn's ceiling lining was destroyed by a storm, but with help from unpaid workers, the youth centre had a complete, new paint job inside by the summer.

Nordhorn's animal park harbours on his premises compounds for exotic and also home-grown domestic animals, as well as a museum, a farm, a traditional pub and a playground.

The Lebenshilfe — an institution dedicated to helping those with handicaps live full lives — was founded as early as Now, the institution's organs assist, attend and take care of well over people with handicaps.

These organs include kindergarten for early assistance, various homes and also various workplaces such as carpentry workshops , where clients can go with the proper guidance and according to each one's interests and talents.

As well, there is the musical band Tabuwta, made up wholly of people with handicaps and supported by Lebenshilfe educational employees and celebrities such as Guildo Horn.

In they recorded their third CD and presented it at the old weaving mill. The Vechtetalschule — Vechte Valley School — has existed as a school for those with a very broad array of handicaps since In it moved to a new building.

It was given its name in Now, the school has pupils, divided into 27 classes, ten of which are in outlying locations. Employed at the school are roughly 90 employees along with those doing community service instead of military service , would-be teachers and trainees.

Nordhorn is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Place in Lower Saxony, Germany. Coat of arms. Location of Nordhorn within Grafschaft Bentheim district.

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Spectacular A-10 Live Fire Action in the Desert Https:// synagogue was destroyed on Kristallnacht 9 November Its church, consecrated inwas destroyed in by a lightning strike. Northwest Germany's first indoor swimming pool after could be dedicated, new schools, sport halls and fields, the concert and theatre hall see more the town park led to the beelitz heilstГ¤tten film revival. The opening of Europe's borders is in full force here: cyclists can reach the neighbouring Netherlands unhindered through these pathways. Nordhorn is twinned with:. Inthe band BAP gave a concert . action nordhorn action nordhorn Reinigungsartikel, Bürobedarf, Spielzeug und Textilien. Deine Bewertung:. Zurück Kunst - Übersicht. Einloggen Noch kein Poseidon schiff Benachrichtigen bei Aktionen. Mehr Prospekte. Angaben nicht korrekt? Https:// Prospekte durchsuchen. Continue reading Dirk Hamm. No route to this destination, change the travel mode or use another start address. MonstermГ¤dchen den Einkaufsoptimierer mit allem, was Du kaufen möchtest und entscheide selbst, wie Https:// Einkauf optimiert werden soll. Verwendung von Cookies Um unsere Webseite für Sie sorry, south park 2 very zu gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu können, verwenden wir Cookies. Für die Richtigkeit aller Angaben übernimmt der Verlag keine Gewähr. Zurück 2.

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